Testimonials from Students and Parents

Hi Cleo, I hope you are doing well! I haven’t seen you in a while, and I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to MIT in the fall most likely majoring in computer science and molecular biology. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, from writing rec letters to teaching math to giving life advice. The AMC and AIME participation definitely helped, but I think the most valuable part of learning math with you was improving my problem solving abilities, which I will carry with me through college and the rest of my life. I really appreciate what you’ve done, and I hope we can stay in contact in the future!


Amy, J., Pleasanton, CA

(May 2017)

I’m glad you’re encouraging her to think creatively and have fun with the numbers. She was so into doing her math homework today that she couldn’t believe an hr had already passed. She will never admit that math is fun but today was a huge progress!

Thanks, V., Morgan Hill, CA

(February 2017)

Hi Cleo,

Hope you are doing well! I received your book and finished it in one sitting. It was very interesting and I am hope to take away a lot from it. I am planning to implement your suggestions in the future. Thank you so much for the recommendation.

Aneeka really loves your teaching. Whatever you teach her, her concepts are so clear that she masters the topic.

Thank you for your help!


Uj., Union City, CA

(January, 2017)

Hi Cleo!

It has been a really long time. I was sorting through my old math stuff from my 8th grade days (I teach Math Counts now at my old middle school, so I was looking for some of the resources I used back in the day), and I found the huge folders I have from working with you. It brought back a lot of memories of how excited and fired up I was about math contests when working with you, and I just realized that I never really formally thanked you for everything you did for me. I really developed and matured both as a problem-solver and as a learner in the general sense through training with you, and have the results to show for it. In eighth grade, I got an 84 on the AMC 10, but made JMO the following year, and last year I made USAMO with an 11 on AIME and 133.5 on the AMC 12. I owe so much of my success to your help and instruction, and I know that a lot of other students do too.

In terms of math, I had a lot of success junior year, including 9th place individually at CHMMC, 6th place team at Harvard-MIT, awards at Berkeley and Stanford, and of course, the AMC series. Lately, I’ve been trying to expand my boundaries past the confines of competition problem-solving and really explore the subject. I think that I’m going to major in applied math or physics; I’m not sure how I feel about pure maths.

Yujin, Pleasanton, CA

(October, 2014)

Hi Cleo,

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve contacted you, but I just wanted to let you know that I’m going to Yale in the fall. Thank you so much for your teaching and guidance in the past! I’m planning to major in Mathematics and potentially Computer Science as well.

Thank you,

Olivia, Burlingame, CA

(August, 2014)

Hi Cleo,

V. just checked the answer for the AMC 10A. He got 132 points. Actually, he only spent time to answer the first 21 questions and all the answers are correct. Thank you for all your teaching and help in the past year and V.’s problem solving skills improved a lot. Hope he will continue to improve and qualify for JMO.

Bettie, San Ramon, CA

(February, 2014)

Dear Cleo,

Thank you so much for being my math tutor all these years. I learned so much about the importance of deriving concepts, hard work, and focus. I feel extremely blessed to have shared this experiences. I still cannot believe that I will be part of the Harvard class of 2018! This would not have been possible without your patience and kindness in answering my many questions. I learned skills that I will use for a lifetime. Thank you very, very much.

Christine, San Ramon, CA

(January, 2014)

Hello Cleo,

Last Sat Aayan was at a Math competition (Latin School Chicago),he came 1st in the individual for 5th graders ! Thank you.

Please keep me posted on your format for the next session. Regards,

Bahar, Chicago, IL

(January, 2014)

Hi Cleo,

Alex participated in the first round of Mandelbrot competition, and he scored 10, being the first place in his high school. He is happy with his result, and said your class really helped him in the competition preparation. Just would like to let you know.

Thanks for all your efforts!

Ye, Berkeley, CA

(December, 2013)

Dear Cleo,

thank you so much for being my math tutor all these years. I learned so much and I feel extremely blessed to have shared this experience. I still cannot believe that I will be part of the Harvard class of 2018! This would not have been possible without your patience and kindness in answering all my many questions. I learned skills that I will carry for a lifetime. Thank you very, very much.

Christine, San Ramon, CA

(December, 2013)

Hi Cleo,

Just to let you know, I got my AMC 12A results today and I have qualified for AIME. I will be taking the AIME II on April 3rd this year. I cannot thank you enough for all of your help for almost the past two years I believe. I couldn’t have done it without you. :)

Rohan, S., Walnut Creek, CA

(February, 2013)

Hi Ms. Borac,

I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope that you have a wonderful start to 2013! :) I also wanted to tell you that I got into MIT and Caltech early action. I’m still applying to Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton. I couldn’t have done this without your help, so thank you so much for everything.

Mayuri, S., New Jersey

(January, 2013)

Hi Cleo,

Anika attended the last class last thursday and really enjoyed it. She says she enjoys your class more than the other math classes she has taken. Would you be able to recommend any other additional classes through your website for her, maybe on a different weekday or weekend.

Thanks so much for teaching Anika and lighting up her passion for Math.

Warmly, R., from Palo Alto CA

November, 2012

We just wanted to thank you very much for all your wonderful work with the group and with our son Y. He has improved greatly, and more importantly, his passion for mathematics has grown deeply thanks to you! Your lessons and guidance have really meant a lot to Y.

Ken K., from Pleasanton, CA

(May, 2012)

Thanks for inviting me into the lesson. I enjoyed it! I like the style of problems and appreciated your approach to solving them.

Matthew P., instructor from San Francisco, CA

(April, 2012)

I know you must be very busy, but have you got a chance to send out the homework for yesterday’s class yet? Thanks and just want to let you know that your classes are awesome!

Xiaoyu D., from San Ramon, CA

(April, 2012)

Hi, In one word, I am impressed. For the last ten years I taught people who refuse to do Arithmetic at all, and I am amazed that your students work SYNCHRONOUSLY. That was a great experience. Thank you.

(Victor A., mathematics professor, San Leandro, CA)

(April, 2012)

Hi Cleo, I think I actually did pretty well. I checked answers and based on that, I got a score of 123! :D But its not official yet. Thank you for teaching me the last two years!!!

Christine Z. from San Ramon, CA

(March, 2012)

Hello, My daughters liked the trial class today and would like to sign up for the lesson below. I just signed both of them up for AMC10 Beginner and paid online. Thanks again for your wonderful classes.

X. D. from San Ramon, CA

(March, 2012)

Yes, Joshua is currently in the Thursday 6:15pm 5-6 Problem Solving class. Joshua enjoys your class so I would like him to continue with you :).

Thanks, Billie

(March, 2012)

Thanks for the email. James likes your math class a lot. He told me that this is the only time he is learning something new and challenging and he feels good.

Paulie P., Pleasanton, CA

(December 2011)

Hi Cleo, looks like Saran is enjoying Andrei’s class… Give my best to Andrei - on his great job as a teacher!

Bhavani P., San Ramon, CA

(August, 2011)

Hi Cleo, We had a great experience at the college this morning -great for the children. I am so happy you suggested it for us. I am also just so grateful we found you as a math teacher. The kids are learning so much and they love having you as a teacher. I just feel so blessed that you are helping them in this regard. Thank you. See you next week!

Peggy H., Pacifica, CA

(March, 2011)

Hi Cleo, Saran says that he is getting 136.5! Your guidance and support certainly helped him! Thank you,

Bhavani P., San Ramon, CA

(February, 2011)

Hi Cleo, Thank you for kindly allowing me to sit in your class together with my son and other students. I am interested in math myself and I have learned a lot from your class. I am very impressed with your math skill, especially your ability of solving difficult problem in easy and graceful way. Both my kids are enjoying your classes. Thanks for teaching my kids!

Hong, San Ramon, CA

(February, 2011)

Thanks Cleo. My son, is really enjoying your classes….he said that he wishes that he could meet with you twice a week! Thanks again. Best, Ken.

Ken, K., Pleasanton, CA

(October, 2010)

I wanted to say thank you for being so supportive of me during the college season. I really could not have tackled the math problems by myself and I couldn’t have gotten to Berkeley if not for your help. And you are the only teacher I know with such a good heart and caring nature. I could not thank you enough.

Celia W., Millbrae, CA

(December, 2009)

This is Victor’s father. I briefly talked to you last Sunday. Victor had one session of AMC10 training with you over the past summer. Thanks for your teaching. Victor admires your quick response to the difficult math problems. We decided to enroll him for the next session. Although I have talked to him on the importance of the diligent practice as a matheletes, when temptation comes, entertainment often wins over the math practice. Since he respects you, could you sometime give him more encouragement and tell him the importance of the practice?

Yong, Z., Cupertino, CA

(August, 2009)

I got my scores back for the October SAT and I got an 800 in Math! I just wanted to say thank you for all the help and support that you gave me in the class. It really helped me achieve this score. Thanks, Jenny

Jenny M., Castro Valley, CA

(October, 2007)

Hi, How are you doing? My son learnt a lot from your AIME classes, and he likes the way of your teaching. He wants to learn more math during the summer vacation. So he applied Ross and Canada/USA Mathcamp. He got accepted by both camps. We don’t know which camp is better for him, and would like to get your opionions before making the decision. Thank you for your advice! Jenny

Jenny, H., Foster City, CA

(May, 2009)

Dear Cleo, out of all the teachers I’ve met, you’re the most wise and kind. Thank you for everything you’ve taught me, I could feel the improvement along the way. I will not lose my motivation, look forward to see you again. Ivy.

Ivy X., San Leandro, CA

(August, 2009)

Hello, I want to thank you for all the help and confidence you gave me over the summer. The score I received on the October 6th exam was higher than 730, which was my first score. Your help and confidence (though I added some humor to the problems during the real exam) caused me to receive possibly a good score. I know you are in suspense wanting to know what I received so I shall tell you. The score that I received on the MATH SAT II C exam on October 6th, 2007 is as follows: 800. Yup. Again, I want to thank you for all the help you gave me during the summer. Now, I got to go to class. Thanks for all the help!

Kevin, H., Fremont, CA

(October, 2007)

Thank you for making me unafraid of math! I can now take my Algebra classes with Courage! Thank you so much,

Linyan, Dublin, CA

(January, 2008)

Dear Ms. Borac, Thank you for teaching the AMC 10 math class. I have learned a lot and broadened my thinking and problem solving skills. Sincerely, Evaline

Evaline Z., San Jose, CA

(February, 2008)

Hi, the november sat scores came in. i got an 800 on the math 2 exam. thanks for all your help!

Andrew L., Saratoga, CA

(December, 2007)

Hi, Would like to let you know R. got 100% in his chem final exam that covered all the materials in last semester. His 1st semester grade is B due to poor grade in the earlier tests. Now he has much higher confidence to do better in the 2nd semester. Thank you so much again to help guide my son on the right track! Best,

Jun S., Palo Alto, CA

(January, 2008)

Hello, Remember me from the chemistry review day? I took my test in december and got my score back. I got 800! Thanks for your help.

Kathy M., San Jose, CA

(January, 2007)

Dear Ms. Borac, It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year since I first took your SAT II class! Now, I’m half way through my first year in college. Remember I mentioned that I have a younger brother? He now has to go through the same process I went through and he’s busy preparing for the different tests. My mom was wondering if you are still prepping SAT II math classes because my brother could really use your help. I highly recommended you to him because I think your teaching style is unique. Please let me know if you have classes or private sessions! Look forward to hearing from you, Ms. Borac! Thank you so much.

Celia W., Millbrae, CA

(January, 2010)

Hi, Cleo, How are you? The school is over this week, and R is heading to UC Berkeley with 42 other Gunn students. After four years of anxiety, we finally feel a little relaxed and happy with the results. When we recall R’s struggles in high school and you provided timely advice and direct help to propel R to the next level, we are so grateful to you - all the time! We plan to travel to China soon to see family members and friends, and also go the World Expo in Shanghai for a few days. Wishing you and your family a wonderful summer! Keep in touch and take care,

Jun S., Palo Alto, CA

(June, 2010)

Hi Ms.Borac, Helen really likes the way you teach. We feel she is so fortunate to have you as her teacher. Helen will take AMC8 and AMC 10 this year. She took them last year from her school. These tests are required to take for some of the students in her school. She got 23/25 on AMC8 and 110 on her AMC10. I think Helen needs some traning for her to get better score. Right now she is in good hand.

S., Foster City, CA

(July, 2008)